"Mad Hatters Goes Couture" - CLB pics part 1

One of these days I need to spend a Sunday afternoon figuring out how to get Blogger to caption photos without making it a jigsaw puzzle with the pictures. Nothing lines up. Can't get more than five pictures to load at a time. And to load more....it becomes a scramble. Therefore, I will break up these photos and put them in installments on my blog. Perhaps, then, Blogger will stop accusing me of not being a part of my own blog! I plan to do separate entries on my hat entry in the competition and my report on how things went.

In the meantime, the photos below are in sequential order. Lovely lady under the hat is Dr. Laura Badeaux (program co-chair) with Christian LeBlanc. Nadia Bjorlin and Brandon Beemer joined Christian onstage as he took his hat and assumed the role of "the Mad Hatter" over the proceedings.