New Year, New Posts - Jewels Blog Guest Spot

I've spent the last couple of hours in mental meltdown trying to crack the "find my own blog" code. Have you ever fought with Blogger...and won? I finally got through and was able to post what I hope will be a good read for you.

I was "introduced" to Jewels (aka Julie Anne Rhodes) by my friend and fellow foodie Valerie Vallot. Val was fortunate enough to be selected for a recipe that was featured in Julie Anne's blog (a carrot ginger beer recipe, I believe).

Jewels asked for submissions for restaurant reviews as a guest blogger ("restaurant spy") on her blog. I contacted her last November on the details. New Orleans is a culinary treasure trove and I had her full support in the effort. Where to begin? I decided to go with my latest love which is Fat Hen Grill in Harahan. The URL above will take you to my entry. Writing about food is just as fun as eating the food I write about. Please check out Jewels' blog (and Fat Hen Grill if you're local).

Thank you, Jewels, for your encouragement and support of my writing. You are a beautiful person...inside and out!